Zebedee De Costa is an accomplished content leader and creative consultant, whose innovative approach to content conceptualization and strategy makes him a distinguished (though low profile) figure in the Malaysian television and digital content industry. As the Head of Originals at iQiyi International Malaysia, Zeb played a pivotal role in strategizing the local content strategy, spearheaded the development of original content, whilst steering successful local content for the platform. This role underscores his adeptness in understanding and catering to diverse audiences, especially in a challenging and fragmented market like Malaysia.

His tenure at Iflix Sdn Bhd as an Executive Producer further cements his credibility in the industry. There, Zebedee revitalized the Malaysian content sector, producing hit shows and championing transparency and freedom in content creation. His contributions working with producers have seen them recognized with nominations at prestigious awards like the Asian Television Awards and the Asian Academy Creative Awards, highlighting his influence and success in taking local content across borders.

Zebedee’s background in psychology, combined with his education in Entertainment and Directing, provides him with unique insights into audience engagement and storytelling. His diverse skill set, including script development, visual storytelling, and broadcast production, aligns seamlessly with the dynamic requirements in his next phase of revolutionising local entertainment.