Muzaffar has been rocking it in Digital and Social Media Marketing at Media Prima Television Networks, turning it into a digital media powerhouse. His killer instincts and top-notch leadership have propelled the viral success of all TV platforms and diverse in-house productions. 

Muzaffar’s digital leadership was evident in helping “Anugerah Juara Lagu” achieve an incredible 2 billion cumulative social media reach for two consecutive years.  “Melur Untuk Firdaus”, “7 Hari Mencintaiku 2”, and “Bisik Bisik Gelora” were in the top 10 Drama Series on Google Year In Search 2022, showcasing his team’s impact in the industry. Muzaffar’s digital strategy made NCA’s Jokowi and PMX documentary successful. 

Muzaffar’s fan-boying to the phenomenal ‘Akademi Fantasia’ was evident through his influential blogging. In 2003, Astro recognised Muzaffar’s unique digital strategy and brought him on board to attract new audiences and set new trends for local TV audiences. In 2003, Astro recognised his unique digital thinking to attract new TV audiences and set new trends. By 2018, he spearheaded Astro AWANI’s #MalaysiaMemilih social coverage, significantly shaping Malaysian politics. 

With over 25 years of media experience, he is known for live-tweeting TV moments ahead of the broadcast and is now preparing for a year-long sabbatical as a digital nomad. Get ready for the next thrilling chapter in Muzaffar’s digital odyssey.