Zhang Shilei is the director of CGTN Digital, managing news production of the organization as well as the CGTN website, APP and social media platforms. She is also one of the executive editorial board members of CGTN. She previously worked as a news reporter, news program producer and editor-in-chief.
She has conducted in-depth research on European and U.S. TV program production and the convergence trends in the media industry. Thanks to her wealth of studies and leadership, the new media team – headquartered in Beijing, with three production centers in Nairobi, Washington D.C., and London – has made significant achievements in international communication.
CGTN’s main accounts on global social media platforms have accumulated 167 million followers, covering more than 200 countries and regions. Most followers are from the younger age bands and elite groups. The total number of page views on the CGTN website is nearly 3.7 billion, and 96% of CGTN APP users are from outside China.