Takaki joined NHK in 1997. He spent three years at the regional Kagoshima station where he experienced broader aspects of broadcasting technology operation. After transferring to News Department, he was responsible for the development and operation of the election coverage and reporting system for four years. He then moved to Broadcast Engineering Department where he worked primarily on the development and operation of real-time CG including AR content for sports broadcasts and on-air graphics for election polling bulletin. For a total of 14 years, with two years of working at a regional broadcasting station in between, Takaki has worked in the field of CG production. As Technical Producer at Media Development and Strategy Center, he currently engages in various media innovation projects including “8K cultural property”, which captures national treasures and other cultural properties with an ultra-high-definition camera and reproduces the data in 3D for various viewing methods, and “Virtual NHK”, a VR platform co-developed with a tech venture which allows audiences across the country to participate in a special experience, that can never be realized in real life, from home.