Data and insights specialist, Caroline Izzard has had a diverse career internationally in business focused research.

Caroline worked for global TV and media measurement company, Nielsen for 14 years in their London, Sweden and New Zealand offices, leading teams responsible for collection, collation and delivery measurement analytics.

Moving to a large data analytics company in 2015 to run their technical service and client delivery business, television proved difficult to leave behind, with Caroline joining Television New Zealand (TVNZ) in 2016.

Caroline now leads TVNZ’s Data and Insights team as the department’s General Manager. This role is integral in informing TVNZ’s business strategy. By examining viewer behaviour, TVNZ can make highly informed decisions – from content purchasing, to product development and distribution strategies – that benefit and place consumers first.

Caroline’s passion for using customer-centric research to innovate has resulted in leading positions in key TVNZ projects, such as the reshaping of TVNZ OnDemand from a TV catch-up service to an entertainment destination.