Aimone Bodini is a digital native who was brought up living and breathing images. Since his teen years, he has been cultivating his love of cinema and building a vision that encompasses all sorts of audio-visual forms and languages – as immediate to appreciate, as mysterious to understand under the hood. At the end of his studies, Aimone was struck by a new technology, Virtual Reality, which he immediately recognizes as a novel medium with an incredible expressive potential.

With his book “Narrative Language of Virtual Reality”, wrote while he was in the United States and published by the Swiss organisation World VR Forum, he decided to undertake the first step in this unknown path. Its approach to Virtual Reality has been internationally recognized, leading him to take part as speaker in numerous VR focused events across Europe.

Today Aimone works as XR Manager & Specialist at Proxima Milano and he’s also the VR Programmer both of the Milano Film Festival and of the Torino Short Film Market.